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Pressure Washing Tips And Tricks

Pressure washing is the process of using a high-powered stream of water to remove dirt and grime from a wide range of materials.  Finding a reliable pressure washing company jacksonville fl to do your cleaning projects can be challenging at times but with a little research you can find the one for you.  Here are some typically jobs a company can do with a pressure washer.

Patios and walkways

The walkways up to our homes and even the patios in front of our homes can become extremely dirty.  Taking the time to have them pressure washed will bring them back to new or in some cases even better than new. 

Home siding

The exterior of our homes can become extremely dirty.  One would typically think that the rain will just wash away the dirt, however, dirt finds its way into small cracks and crevasse that rain won’t hit.  So using a pressure washer will allow you to get into these areas and remove the dirt.


Overhangs are also great places to hit with an pressure washer.  These areas of our homes can become places for insects like bees and wasps to build nests as well as dirt to accumulate.  Hitting these overhangs with your pressure washer will remove these problems form your home.


Pressure washing is not limited to your homes.  A pressure washer can be used on equipment as well including your car, grills, deck furniture and more.  When we hit these items, we are removing grease, dirt, rust and much more.  Be careful to use the correct pressure setting on your washer and don’t play skid the chair across the deck.  It may seem like fun, but you have work to do.

Pressure wash regularly

pressure washing company jacksonville fl

It is a good idea to setup a schedule to pressure wash your stuff once a year if not every six months.  This will ensure that your items are well maintained and cleaned.